About Us


History has exerted efforts in the sector at all levels is based on a very old Salih GÖCEN furniture. Production has devoted many years to merchandising and marketing.

Combining this experience GÖCEN Saleh has finally decided to set up his own production and Inegöl a seed planted itself in the industry. Years after the seed has no worries her husband would be a plane. Market and the market is dominated by what he wanted. BS'ELL HOME STYLE fashion with its brand, giving importance to quality and R & D activities, has a powerful energy that performs design and implementation work.

With work experience in the 1980s aesthetic and design nested offering products, quality policy is to ALCA as soon as its place among the industry's dynamics with the principles and values.

So far, Salih GÖCEN compromising their line continues to grow with more people living standards of its own brand of high quality transport objectives.

Design Approach

Bsell modern lines of the entire collection, prepares original design and without compromising quality.

After Sales Services

Bsell to offers free service and maintenance for all products under warranty. The error attributable to the consumer, fault detection of the parts are made free of charge by specialists. In case of fault detection dealers, allows the realization of any fee from consumers asking the service and maintenance.

If that does not require consumers to defects resulting from component failure, a problem that can be corrected only if the dealer with the care without any fee allows the granting of free service and maintenance

Quality Approach

Since its inception, the most important priorities of the 'quality' of the bsell, production quality and technical service aims to surpass international standards. Design, production, sales and after-sales service in our understanding of our products, our quality is controlled in accordance with our quality criteria at every stage.

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